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    • Improve Productivity Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking places real-time vehicle location data at your finger tips. Productivity is improved by documenting long lunch hours, exposing unauthorized breaks, comparing driver overtime requests with system reports, logging personal vehicle use after working hours or on holidays.

      Through our software you can explore the location and direction of each vehicle. You will know exactly where all of your vehicles are at all times. This allows dispatch decisions to be made quickly and accurately ensuring the right person is allocated with the job.

      Additionally you can monitor idle times, to ensure your drivers are performing efficiently and minimizing down-time between stops.
    • Reduce Unnecessary Fuel Costs Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking is designed so that you can track your trucks, containers, trailers, and other vehicles easily. By the use of fleet management you will know when your assets stop, when they are idle and which road they are on, this gives complete insight into your fleet’s activity and deliver significant savings in fuel cost. These savings are realised in various ways:

      Control Speeding – Speeding wastes fuel. GPS tracking reports, alerts show you who is speeding and where. Alerts can be sent instantly to the defined numbers letting them know the real time status. Excessive speed is not only dangerous, but it also results in excessive fuel consumption.

      Curb AC usage when Idle – Usage of AC when the vehicle is idle for long is an unnecessary waste of fuel and by reducing the number of minutes drivers use AC when the vehicle is idle for long, you can cut down on the cost of your fuel expenses. Pegasus uniquely provides the ability to send instant alerts to the defined numbers so that wastage can be stopped. Idling is an expensive problem for small and large businesses alike.

      Unofficial Usage – You will be able to determine when vehicles are used for company work and when for personal use. An easy way to validate driver's are taking appropriate routes. Misuse or unauthorized use of company vehicles is the number one cause of unnecessary fuel consumption.
    • Reduce Labour Costs When vehicles are tracked using GPS, the drivers act more responsibly. GPS vehicle tracking allows you to monitor your fleet with detailed data that can be used to analyze your driver’s behaviour.

      Taking the long way home to get some overtime, heading home for a long lunch or nap, and falsifying hours are all things of the past. Reducing overtime pay leads to more profit for your company and less strain on an already tight budget.
    • Monitor and reduce speeding If an employee always drives your company’s vehicle at dangerous speeds and they are involved in an accident, you and your company could be held liable! Drivers who have a tendency to speed can be a danger not only to themselves, but to every other person on the road.

      Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking allows a company to be proactive by monitoring driving habits and shaping them before an accident ever occurs. Setting speed limits on company vehicles and holding employees accountable by having programmed speed alerts, allows a company to ensure that employees are practicing safe driving habits.
    • Reduce Your Fleet Size & Costs By installing Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking your employees will become more efficient, which will allow you to get more done with fewer drivers.

      It is the ideal tool to ensure maximum utilization of each of your vehicles. By easily determining your fleet utilization, you can reallocate rather than purchase new vehicles.
    • Never Worry About Car Theft Never lose sleep over fear of your vehicles being stolen.You can set an alert to notify you when a vehicles door opens. You will instantly know that the vehicle is being stolen, in case the vehicles is stolen then you can immediately report its current location to the Police.

      Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking will give you peace of mind since you know you will be able to know the whereabouts of your vehicle quickly and easily.
    • GPS Elderly Tracking With Pegasus GPS Elderly Tracking Device you can monitor the whereabouts of the elderly. When an elderly person enters or exits the virtual boundary (Geo fencing) set by family members an alert will be sent, informing family members the user has left the predetermined "safe" area. This technology provides relief and comfort to those worried about elderly parents or family members.

      Pegasus GPS Elderly Tracking Device helps you locate them if they ever get lost or in case of an emergency. A GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your loved ones.
    • GPS Children Tracking Safety is all a parent can think about - especially when their children are not with them. A simple way to make sure they arrived at school on time, were playing at a friend's house or that they were simply safe. It also has a Geo Fence security feature that will send a parent a text message or email if their child enters or exits a pre-set area. The GPS tracker, that is smaller than cellular phones, can be placed in a child's backpack, pocket or attached to a sling. This device has a two-way voice communication features that allow parents and children to communicate in a hassle-free manner in case of an emergency.
    • GPS Teen Tracking Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking allows parents to be proactive in modifying and shaping the driving behaviours of their teen, and actually helps build trust between parent and teen. With a GPS tracking system validating a teen is exhibiting responsible and cautious driving behaviours, many parents allow the teen to have MORE freedoms. Having the ability to always know where your teen is and has been provides a parent with assurance, security, and relief.

      Negative Influences On Teen Driving
      • 1 out of 5 teenagers expressed that they think driving fast is fun.
      • 1 out of 4 teen drivers, who also identified themselves as aggressive drivers, stated that they drove 60 kmph over the speed limit more than once.
      • Over half of all teen drivers said they have exceeded the speed limit by over 50 kmph more than once
      Peer Pressure:
      Almost half of all teens stated that they drive more carefully when other teen passengers are not present in the vehicle.

      Positive Influences On Teen Driving
      • GPS tracking systems can send parents sms alerts or email if a teen driver is driving at unsafe speeds.
      • GPS tracking systems always keep parents "in the know".
      • GPS tracking systems give parent’s peace-of-mind and teens additional freedom.
    • Pegasus GPS tracking will give you PEACE OF MIND.
      • You will know the exact location of your vehicle, spouse, children or elderly parents.
      • You can set the location where you don't want the vehicle, your spouse or your children to be.
      • You will know when your driver, spouse or children need help.
      • You will know what route the driver, spouse or your children took.
      • You will have the ability to stop the vehicle in case an unauthorized person is driving.
      • You will know if the vehicle is speeding.
    • Improve Customer Service GPS tracking is customer service at it’s best. You know instantly which of your driver is closest to the customer needing help. Imagine how thrilled your customers will be when you can tell them exactly when to expect their delivery.

      Serve More Customers
      When your drivers know they are being tracked, they automatically become more efficient at each assignment. This allows you to serve more customers in less time, which means more profits at the end of the day.

      Validate Job Closure
      If a customer claims you have not visited a particular jobsite, you can verify their claim by simply checking a vehicle’s history.
    • GPS Tracking Systems Help Businesses A simple GPS device can do wonders to your business. Investing in Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking can skyrocket your profits, by ensuring maximum productivity from your workforce. With GPS, poor route management, misuse of company vehicle & employees wasting precious time are things of past.

      People are a business's greatest asset, and a business is only as successful as the people it keeps. However, what if those employees are taking advantage of your business and you never even know about it? What if employees were falsifying time sheets, driving longer routes, using company vehicles for personal use, or consistently taking longer lunch breaks? Any one of those situations could have an impact on a company's profit margin.

      Solution to all this is Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking
      Imagine having access to where any employee driver is at while they are in the field 24 hours a day, and having accurate historical records of everywhere they were! All of that information and more can be accessed and observed with a few mouse clicks on any computer at a low cost regardless if the company has 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles.
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