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What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and was initially designed for the American military. It is a radio navigation system based on satellite communication. There are 24 satellites circling the earth. A GPS device receives signals from at least 3 satellites to determine its exact position on earth.

What is GPRS?

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a wireless data transfer technology over GSM networks (mobile phone network). It transfers data in packets and allows devices to be continuously connected to the Internet. Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking uses GPRS to send data from the vehicles to Pegasus Data Centre.

Is Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking appropriate for any size of fleet?

Yes it is. It can be used for one vehicle upwards

Will I be able to track my vehicles all over India?

Yes, with Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking you will be able to track your vehicles all over the country provided the GSM network is available and uninterrupted GPS signals are available.

Do I have to have a cell phone or purchase mobile service as well as Pegasus service?

No, Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking provides a complete service including the GPS tracker, software and network connectivity to the tracker. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and a vehicle to track!

What is involved in maintaining the system?

There is no maintenance required. Once Pegasus GPS tracking device is installed, you are on your way to increased efficiency and productivity.

Is GPS available everywhere?

Yes, GPS is available virtually everywhere in the world. GPS satellite signals will however be blocked by buildings, tunnels etc. This might limit the tracking of the vehicles. In practice, however, moving vehicles are rarely under circumstances where no GPS positioning is available.

How many vehicles can I track at one time?

One can Track all the vehicles listed in the database and as much as the screen accommodates.

How are notifications received?

Alert notification can be received via email and/or text message alerts.

Can I get an immediate alert every time drivers exceed speed limits?

You can set alerts to notify you when vehicles exceed speed limits.

Can I see what route(s) a driver takes?

Pegasus GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking history replay displays a “Snail Trail” of routes taken by vehicles in the system. Simply select the times you wish the report to include and a graphics image will be produced for the entire journey.

Can anyone log in and see my vehicle?

No. Pegasus tracking devices monitoring data is password protected on the Pegasus Web-portal.

Can I see multiple car locations on one map?

Yes, the tracking site allows you to view multiple car locations on one map.

Who needs GPS tracking device/solution?

No matter if you are a single user or if you own a business with one, five or hundreds of vehicles on the road, Pegasus GPS vehicle tracking device is useful for you.

What are other benefits other than locating vehicle position?

Apart from location, date and time, speed, standard reports like start – stop, and vehicle route etc. It also helps the Fleet owners to find the idling time of the vehicle. In short it acts as a productivity enhancement tool. Apart from the above there are intangible benefits due to customer satisfaction, security of vehicle, activity reporting, improved communications etc.
For car owners it acts as a multiple utility product. Now the car owners can have control over their car even when they are far away from it. They can feel more secure and certain about their cars.

Will the vehicle device run down the battery of the vehicle?

No, it will not. The vehicle device consumes very little power and goes into sleep mode when the vehicle’s ignition is switched off. It also has its own built-in battery backup .The back up lasts for 24 hours.

Is there a warranty for the vehicle device?

Our device comes with one year warranty .However, if the device is tampered with or reinstalled without the services of our engineer, the warranty will be void.

Do I need any software?

No our customers do not need any special software, you only need an internet connection for web based tracking. We take care of everything else.

Is real time information provided by Pegasus, all over India?

Real time information is provided by Pegasus any where across India, provided there is GSM presence.

Can my hardware be reinstalled in another vehicle?

Yes, the hardware can be reinstalled in another vehicle at a nominal cost.

What kind of software do I require for my computer?

Only a computer with an internet connection is required. Pegasus will provide a user ID and password.

Will I be able to view the details of my fleet (vehicles) only from my working place?

No, you can view the details of your vehicles on any computer anywhere with an internet connection.

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