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What is Vehicle Tracking?

GPS Vehicle Tracking is a breakthrough technology which uses a system of satellites orbiting the earth, to locate the approximate position of your object of interest (receiver) accurately, within a few meters of its actual location. The data collected enables the owner to track the vehicle location and their precise movements in real time. This information can be viewed through the Internet and allows the user to view the vehicle information.

Years back many of us would have longed for a scenario where we would imagine we had a third eye to watch over these things. Evolving technology has actually made this wish come true with GPS tracking system & our world is much safer now. This technology works anywhere & everywhere given the availability of GSM network & uninterrupted GPS signal.

With increasing awareness, accessibility & easy affordability, consumers are using tracking system technology to their immense benefit. The innumerable ways in which this technology can be put into use, to enhance quality of life & get peace of mind, makes it worthwhile & an asset to its owner.

GPS enables businesses to monitor the exact location of their drivers and their driving styles, be it over speeding, whether the driver started on time, what time did he finish the job and instances of misuse of vehicle and therefore reducing unnecessary vehicle wear and tear. Check on overtime claims, taking longer routes, using company vehicles for personal use or consistently taking longer lunch breaks etc. Any one of these situations could have an impact on a company's profit margin. GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking Increases Company’s efficiency, reduces fuel cost, improves job allocation, and gives a better overall control a manager has over their vehicles.


  • Vehicle tracking typically pays for itself within the first six months of installation, by minimising fuel expenditure and reduction in overtime.
  • GPS tracks your vehicle & goods on transit, monitors all halts, giving exact time of each halt.
  • GPS is used in school buses to reduce risk of accidents by monitoring speed, location & overall safety thus bringing relief to anxious parents.
  • GPS tracking ensures that your employees increase the number of sales/service calls per day, thus improving customer satisfaction & profits.
  • Ambulance equipped with GPS can be located easily and in an emergency can be summoned without wasting precious time.
  • Businesses across the globe use GPS to improve employee accountability & increase profits.
  • Geo fencing allows a virtual fence around the specified area, and alerts if the vehicle leaves the defined area.
  • Monitors vehicle status like opening of doors, ignition ON, AC ON etc.
  • Dispatch and allocate new jobs to the nearest vehicles.
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