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Wireless Video Door Phone

Wireless Video Door Phone Phone is a high-tech electronic surveillance product that enables you to see & talk to a visitor, from anywhere inside the safety of your house, even before you open the door. The innovative monitoring security system has a versatile wireless video monitor receiver with a powerful security camera wireless transmitter for total home protection.

“It is easy to install & ensures the safety of your house-hold. Has a big colour TFT/LCD screen which is comfortable to the eyes.

  • Acts as a two way intercom, with the visitor outside the door.
  • Sleek & stylish in appearance.

With thefts, robberies & break-in on the rise one can never be too careful. Many times people answer the door bell, only to be attacked by burglars & miscreants’ .Wireless Video Door Phone helps to keep your home & office safe by monitoring activities outside your door, even as you comfortably sit inside the safety of your house & watch these activities on the screen of your VDP.

It is a totally hands free unit without the need of any kind of wiring. It is rain proof & difficult to vandalise. Pegasus VDP is very easy to install & operate. It just takes 3 steps:

  • Mount the outdoor unit before your doorstep or entrance area
  • Power the outdoor unit.
  • Turn on the indoor unit. Then everything is done you could put the indoor unit anywhere inside your house /villa/apartment/office etc to make it convenient to answer the door .Also it has a wonderful function that stores the photos of visitors automatically when you’re out.

At a glance:

  • Easy to install
  • 3.5” screen
  • Up to 100 meter transmitter range (open area)
  • Infra red lights for using in dark
  • Battery bar display on screen
  • Removable battery in indoor unit
  • Auto photo record function when nobody answers call
  • Low power consumption
  • All visitors are photographed along with their time of visit
  • The Wireless Video Door Phone is perfect for keeping at bay unwanted visitors, would be thieves, annoying survey takers. You just have to take a look at your VDP screen to know whether to open the door even while sitting comfortably inside the safety of your house.
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